Yellowstone Bison Sent to Slaughter

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 10.01.53 AM

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 10.01.53 AM

Yellowstone Bison Sent to Slaughter

from Buffalo Field Campaign

yellowstone bisonAn estimated one hundred and one of America’s last wild, migratory buffalo were crammed onto tribal stock trailers at Yellowstone National Park’s Stephens Creek bison trap this morning. The bison were taken by tribal entities affiliated with the Interagency Bison Management Plan (IBMP) to tribal slaughter facilities. The two tribal affiliates shipping bison to slaughter for the second year in a row are the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes and the federally chartered InterTribal Buffalo Council.

“It is unthinkable, profoundly incongruent, that Yellowstone National Park and Native Americans would participate in the brutal abuse and slaughter of the only wild population of buffalo remaining in this country,” said Buffalo Field Campaign (BFC) spokeswoman Stephany Seay. “You think to yourself that this can’t possibly be happening, but the shocking reality is that those who should be the fiercest champions and strongest allies for the buffalo are instead betraying them by taking the lead in the livestock industry’s culture of death.”

On Tuesday at least five wild buffalo were transferred from the trap to a USDA Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service facility, where they will join other captive wild buffalo being used in a highly controversial experiment with the chemical pesticide GonaCon.

An estimated 250 wild bison have been captured inside Yellowstone’s trap since last Thursday. The capture number is an estimate based on counts taken at long distance by Buffalo Field Campaign volunteers. Only portions of the trap are visible from a great distance. Yellowstone initiates an extreme public access closure expanding seven miles around the Stephens Creek trap, making it nearly impossible for the public to observe government operations. Exact capture and slaughter numbers are unknown because, for the second year in a row, Yellowstone officials refuse to be open with the public about their bison operations, stating they will only give out reports every two weeks. Buffalo Field Campaign has requested media tours of the Stephens Creek trap numerous times but those requests have gone unanswered.

“I feel really disappointed with the Park Service because they are working for the wrong team and they are hiding from the public,” said Maria Farinacci, volunteer with Buffalo Field Campaign. “Park Service agents work for the Park because they want to have a secure life, have a good job, probably to work with wildlife, but these individuals are making the wrong choice, doing this work for the interests of Montana’s livestock industry, not for the Park or the public and certainly not for wild buffalo. The public has no voice when the Park Service does that.”

Even a few miles away from the trap, Buffalo Field Campaign volunteers documenting this morning’s operation were uniquely positioned to get some detailed footage and were successful in observing the buffalo as they were loaded onto stock trailers this morning, enabling us to get an very close count.

“Yellowstone can try to hide their shameful crimes, but we are on the ground in the field, always watching,” said Seay. “Often this vigilance really pays off, as it did today, but that doesn’t excuse Yellowstone’s secrecy. Yellowstone owes it to the public they serve to fully disclose what they are doing and we will continue to press them to do so.”

Yellowstone and other IBMP cohorts intend to kill at least 900 of Yellowstone’s wild buffalo this year through hunting and slaughter. IBMP affiliates are no longer using the weak excuse of brucellosis to commit unjustifiable actions, but have now shifted their argument to “population control.” They aim to reduce the most important bison population in the world to a mere 3,000 animals, due to the intolerance of Montana’s livestock industry, intolerance that is codified in the statute: MCA 81-2-120, a law crafted by the livestock industry that needs to be repealed. The 3,000 population cap is an arbitrary number based on livestock industry politics, not on science or carrying capacity. Yellowstone’s own bison carrying capacity study indicates that the Park alone can sustain upwards of 6,200 buffalo.

The Yellowstone buffalo are America’s last wild, migratory herds and the most important bison population that exists. They are the last to identify as a wildlife species and ecologically extinct throughout their native range. They’ve been added to the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List for being “threatened with near extinction,” and even Montana designates the species “in greatest conservation need” with conditions “making [bison] vulnerable to global extinction.”

“Yellowstone National Park has been entrusted by the American people as stewards of this country’s last wild buffalo,” said David Martin, coordinator with Buffalo Field Campaign. “Stewards are supposed to protect and defend, not abuse and slaughter, so we can no longer trust them to do the right thing.”

West Yellowstone and Gardiner, Montana-based Buffalo Field Campaign is a non-profit public interest organization founded in 1997 to protect the natural habitat of wild migratory buffalo and native wildlife, stop the slaughter of America’s last wild buffalo and advocate for their lasting protection, and work with people of all nations to honor the sacredness of wild bison.


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Millions March NYC Manhattan, NY



We Demand Justice.
For Mike Brown.
For Eric Garner.
For Akai Gurley.
For All Those Innocent People of Color Killed By The Misuse of Police Force.

The Millions March NYC coordinators have pulled together a solid team of organizers. We have worked hard to plan a march that unifies us for the day and shows our power. We ask that all those planning Direct Actions please give time and space to this march. If you are planning an action during the march and want to check if you will be putting people in harms way, please contact us at This is an anonymous Direct Action Coordinator who will let you know if your action(s) would jeopardize our plans. The information is confidential and will not be shared with the larger organizing body.

In solidarity,

Millions March NYC

We March Together, As One.


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Tumblr: – CONNECT THE DOTS - CONNECT THE DOTS Extreme Weather Manhattan, NY 12-10-28-33

Sunday, October 28, 2012
4:00 PM
Cloudy and in the 60′s

Sunday just before the NYC Subway system was shut down in preparation for hurricane Sandy, a group of environmentalist and got together in Times Square to bring attention to Climate Change and to the Climate Silence that has been going on in this country and in our world.

The group of environmentalist lead by Duncan Meisel from opened up a pink Climate Dot that read “End Climate Silence“. The group walked this 30 foot  pink Climate Dot around Time Square for about 20 minutes without any hassle from NYPD. The Pink Climate Dot did bring a lot of attention from people in Time Square but the group had people handing out information and talking to people about Climate Silence, which is more that what our politicians can say.

Duffernutter –

“ and some great New Yorkers braved the weather before the NYC Subway was shut down. They all met at Time Square and unrolled a pink Climate Dot saying “End Climate Silence”, as they move the dot around Time Square they informed people about the lack of talk around climate change.”

After talking to people and bringing Climate Silence to New Yorkers and beyond this hurricane ready group packed up the Climate Dot and beet the subway home!

In my thoughts I just wonder if we are seeing a change in weather or our climate, WHY can’t we just talk about it. If we our selves have problems or notice a change don’t we first discuss it. Just a thought!

National Call to Action: Against Oil Fracked Gas Pipelines

OWS O15 National Call to Action Against Oil Fracked Gas Pipelines Manhattan, NY 12-10-15-55

Monday, October 15, 2012
5:30 PM
Cloudy and in the 70′s
Manhattan, NY

Occupy the Pipeline – O15 National Call to Action Against Oil Fracked Gas Pipelines

On Monday evening about fifty Fracktivist from several different NYC groups marched through the West end of Manhattan, NY, to the Spectra pipeline site. Monday’s march was a national call or protest that coincided with other marches across the country and North America. All of these marches were to protest the oil and gas pipelines that are destroying the environment.

The Fracktivist started gathering at Gansevoort Street and Washington Street, where they planned their march and started painting their face. As people walked by the Fracktivist handed out flyers and talked to them about the dangers of the Spectra pipeline.

From Gansevoort Street and Washington Street the Fracktivist marched to the Spectra pipeline site where they stood in defiance of @NYGovCuomo @MikeBloomberg and Spectra Energy.

The Fracktivist arrived at the Spectra pipeline to the sounds of cars honking, people cheering, Fracktivist singing and a raging down pour the rain didn’t dampen any spirits. In the end the Fracktivist did a wave of solidarity to let the rest of the environmental world that they are thinking of them.

The Frack Mob hits the West Side

The Frack Mob Manhattan, NY 12-10-06-237

Saturday, October 6, 2012 2:30 PM Cloudy and in the 70′s Manhattan, NY The Frack Mob hits the West Side On Saturday the 6th of October a Frack Mob hit the West side of Manhattan to bring awareness to the Gas pipeline being built by Spectra Energy. The Frack Mob met at the Brecht Forum courtyard to paint themselves green, the green color represented the poison that Spectra Energy would be bringing to the NYC community. The frack Mob would also bare their bodies to show the risk that we all have against the Spectra Energy Pipeline. The Frack Mob traipsed along the side walk, from the Brecht Forum courtyard to the Spectra Energy pipeline site on the West side of Manhattan, NY. The Frack Mob was followed by tons of on lookers and several photographers, as the Frack Mob reached the West Side highway the traffic stopped  and was held by the NYC Police department. On the slewing Frack Mob went till it arrived at the Pipeline site. While at the pipeline site the Frack Mob performed to show their disdain of how the NYC government is not listening to them. The Frack Mob was also out to inform the public about the pipeline and the danger it will bring to the NYC community.

Dont Frack Ohio


Don’t Frack Ohio

Three days of community, people, friends, strangers coming together to build a movement to fight fracking in Ohio and beyond! Don’t Frack Ohio started with a morning meet and great followed by three days full of training. There was an art build, nonviolent direct action training, movie screenings and strategy sessions.

The regions largest gathering against fracking followed these three days. It started with a rally at Arch Park where speakers such as Bill McKibben of, and Josh Fox, director of Gasland spoke to the crowd and cheered them on. From Arch Park more than a thousand people marched to the Ohio State house and walked inside to hold a people’s Assembly. From this people’s Assembly came a law that Banned Fracking.

Columbus, Ohio


On Thursday morning a group of people from all walks of environmental areas met at Ohio State University’s Urban Arts Space. This was their morning meeting to kick of three days of training and community building. The group was lead by Duncan Meisel an Actions Team Online Coordinator at The spirit of this group was up beat and outgoing, the purpose of the meeting was to check in and prepare for the day ahead.

The day ahead had several presentation, fracking in Ohio, training on campaign strategies, an art build and ended with a movie showing of Gaslands. Through out the day the mood and atmosphere was amazing, the lead team that was running the event really cared about how people felt and experienced their training sections. One attendee told me that she had not even heard a complaint yet, and that she was truly learning a lot.

On the second day there were more presentations, training and workshops, such as “politics of fracking” and “farmers and fracking”, the second day was really remarkable because of the connections that were being made by people. People of Ohio connected with each other from different regions of their state as well as people connecting with each other from other states. New Yorkers were telling their stories to people from Ohio and vise versa. People felt for the first time knowing that they were not alone in this horrific fight against fracking.

Other amazing things were happening, older generations were seeing younger generations truly shine in the defense on fracking. Josh Harris has been heading up a group called Stewards of the Land; Samuel Rubin had just started to come up with some idea to fight fracking. All in all it was nice to see fracking being fought from all ages.

On the third day we had Nonviolent Direct Action Training, more workshops, and a panel discussion with Fracking Activist from all over the country. This was all toped of with speakers such as Bill McKibben of, and Josh Fox, director of Gasland. The day itself was unbelievable, not only did the food fill your heart but so did the conversations and stories that people shared during the day. At the end of the night people were chanting and dancing in preparation for the next days rally.

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Big Cats up Close II Suzie’s Pride

Big Cats up close-II Suzie's Pride Rockwell, NC 10-11-20 001

Suzie’s Pride

“Suzie’s Pride is a Sanctuary and Rescue for big cats. We are a no kill, no-breed facility for unwanted, abused and neglected big cats from  private owners, commercial entities, zoos and other sanctuaries. We provide cats with a place to live out their days in a compassionate respectful environment; we give them proper care enabling them to have a good quality of life.”
Our Mission:
Suzie’s Pride Inc. is a Sanctuary and Rescue for big cats. We are a no-killno-breed facility for unwanted, abused and neglected big cats from private owners, commercial entities, zoos and other sanctuaries. We provide cats with a place to live out their days in a compassionate respectful environment; we give them proper care enabling them to have a good quality of life.

Vera Scroggins – Court Hearing …

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 10.40.54 AM

Vera Scroggins – Court Hearing …

Graphics & Special Effects: John P. Duffy Jr
Editing: John P. Duffy Jr

This video follows the continuing story of the years that Vera Scroggins has been fighting the Fracking Wars.
Of the 7 or so Energy Fracking Corporations in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, where Vera, Craig Stevens, Ray Kemble, Josh Fox, Angela Fox and numerous others call home, only Cabot Oil and Gas Corporation (Cabot for short), has taken legal action against Vera Scroggins and her FREE bus tours of FRACKLAND.
In this episode, Vera arrives in court charged with unlawfully trespassing in violation of past legal sanctions: a temporary restraining order (TRO).
The TRO has been in force for nearly a year, as they enter court today and this is the only time that Cabot claims proof that she has broken the law.
Witnesses give testimony from both sides in an attempt to, not only prevent Vera from coming close to Cabot’s “leased” land, but to prove that Vera is being prevented from shopping, visiting family and friends, entering public spaces, such as hospitals, etc., and otherwise being severely isolated, limited in her free movement and harassed beyod all expectations and legal values.
Unfortunately, the courtroom procedures prohibit cameras, recorders, cellphones, go-pro drones and other devices to capture the testimony.
Fortunately, outside the courtroom, we were able to interview some of what happened inside from those who were willing to talk. Cabot and most of its supporters were not so available.